Creator of lace since 1919 and number one producer of Calais Lace ® worldwide, the Noyon Group puts its experience, passion and expertise into the creation, innovation, production, distribution and promotion of all its lace.

Even though the Noyon Group, with their brands Noyon Dentelle and Darquer, is naturally aimed at lingerie and corsetry as well as fashion, ready-to-wear and haute couture, their innovations also adapt to the creation of new products designed for new markets such as sportswear or decoration.

Number one in Calais lace ®, their range of products is completed by knitted lace, Jacquardtronic, Textronic and Supertronic which make the Noyon Group a key supplier of textile materials with real added value.

Noyon is a 100% family group with a tradition of quality and service. Their creativity and exceptional expertise enable them to achieve more than 70% of their annual turnover in exports to over 50 countries and 6 continents, in a very tight and competitive market.

Our legitimacy

A long line of over 100 years


An adventure of over 100 years

Created in 1919 by Lucien Noyon, himself the successor of Gustave Noyon and heir to a long line of lace-makers, manufacturers and mechanics, the Noyon Group has developed over the generations. Olivier Noyon, named as the President of the group on 1st January 1998, persistently continues with the task of his ancestors, combining tradition and modernity.

For over a century, the generations that have succeeded one another have become attached to developing incomparable expertise. They have raised lace to its highest level by combining the demands of creation and the constraints of industrial production.

A visionary, the Noyon Group was the first lace maker to industrially develop the use of elastane fibres in the 1980s, the technical and commercial potential of which revolutionised the textiles industry. Thanks to this technological success, the Noyon Group began to grow: it increased its fleet of machines and developed its market share in Europe and throughout the world.

Quality, reactivity and reliability are at the heart of the project and inspire one same demand for all the men and women in the company.

Our creativity

350 new items every year

Leavers Looms or Knitted Lace

The biggest global producer of Calais Lace, weaved only on the Leavers loom, or knitted lace on Karl Mayer machines, the Noyon Group puts its passion and expertise into its creation and innovation.

Every year the Noyon Group stands out in the market thanks to the creation of new threads, new effects, new applications, supported by a real power of production in Calais (72 Leavers, 11 Jacquardtronic, Textronic, Supertronic) and in Sri Lanka (52 Jacquardtronic, Textronic, Supertronic looms), and distributed by 8 international showrooms.

Since the first industrial use of elastane in lace, the Noyon Group has not stopped innovating thanks to a creative studio of 15 people, which offers the company’s prestigious clients a choice of 350 new creations each year.

An authentic laboratory of ideas, the Noyon Group develops over half of its designs in partnership with its principal customers, creates more than 1000 shades per season and is constantly exploring research pathways into new technologies (microfibres, micro-encapsulation) as well as into techniques for checking maintenance and fit.

Our potential

Substantial experience and high-performance technical tools

Leader in Calais Lace ®

The Noyon Group is Calais, heart and history, with the exclusive production of Leavers lace and the legitimate centre for the design and marketing of all the products.

The Noyon Group, to ensure a global presence, is a production factory in Sri Lanka reserved exclusively for knitted lace, Jacquardtronic and Textronic. Noyon Lanka mainly provides sourcing for clothing factories established in Asia.

The Noyon Group, through its 6 subsidiaries and its agents, is the largest sales network anchored in over 50 countries.


It is also a knitted lace workshop for development and production in the Euromed zone. Fully air-conditioned, it is both an experimental laboratory and somewhere with production potential, to meet the reactivity demands of European clientele.

The Noyon Group is also DARQUER, a lace-maker in Calais established in 1840, the pioneer in mechanical lace on Leavers looms, and the supplier to the big haute-couture and ready-to-wear fashion brands. The company Darquer-Bacquet joined the Noyon Group in 1988.

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Leavers looms

A wide variety of arrangements

The Noyon Group has a significant fleet of Leavers which enables it to cover a wide variety of arrangements. It is to this generation of mechanical looms that appeared in the 19th century that lace owes its prestige. Indeed, no fewer than 8000 movements per hour that intertwine 15,000 different threads are necessary for the production of a rack 2 metres long and 6 metres wide.

At Noyon, a specialised mechanical workshop is able to intercede directly on all the vital parts of these precious mechanisms. Preventive maintenance coupled with technological research enables the development of the most innovative products linked to an inimitable technique.

The digital leavers

Flexibility of production

Twenty-first century leavers, the digital leavers developed by the Noyon Group offers flexibility of production, optimum quality and particularly unlimited creation!

Liberated from Jacquard cards, the design arrives digitised in the loom’s computer. The mechanical constraints have disappeared, giving free rein to the possibilities of creation that have infinitely increased, with the number of virtual cards being limitless.

This innovation enables the creation of lace with exceptional wealth, extravagant originality and unrivalled complexity.

Noyon Lanka

Responding to globalisation

To respond to the changes in the lingerie market and ensure a global presence, the Noyon Group has equipped itself with a production factory in Sri Lanka reserved solely for knitted lace, Jacquardtronic and Textronic. Since 2005, Noyon Lanka has provided the sourcing for the clothing factories of all our clients established in Asia.

With a fleet of over 50 looms for knitted lace (Jacquardtronic, Textronic and Supertronic), Noyon Lanka controls the entire production chain from the preparation of materials all the way to the final delivery. Dyeing is completely integrated to enable the responsiveness and quality of service to be increased. A creative office, in close collaboration with Noyon Calais, enables the stylistic requirements of our clients in Asia to be met as quickly as possible.

Our exposure

An international sales and distribution force

Noyon, an international brand

The sales department relies on six export offices and around fifty independent agents spread out all over the world. The sales strength in the Noyon Group resides in its historic establishment in all the big textile countries and particularly lingerie and dresses, in its thorough knowledge of all the markets and especially in the skill and efficiency of its network.

The commercial teams, present all over the world, are an active link between the clients, the nerve centre of creation and the production workshops in Calais and Biyagama. A real sales force, supported by logistics that cover the Euromed zone just as well as the Asia-USA zone and enable Noyon lace to make a name for itself over 5 continents.

Our Exports

  • Algeria
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Colombia
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Egypt
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Lebanon
  • Lithuania
  • Madagascar
  • Mexico
  • Morocco
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Sweden
  • Syria
  • Taiwan
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Venezuela

Our Quality

Expertise made in France

The satisfaction of our clients is a guarantee of quality !


The Noyon Group is the world leader in Calais Lace®. This label of quality only concerns laces woven on Leavers looms. It enables the devotion of excellent expertise that is made in France and made in Calais, which in turn enables the complex and luxurious styles requested by a demanding clientèle.

In Calais, Cité de la Dentelle, the Noyon Group is the main ambassador for French fashion. This is why the Noyon Group received the label of “Business of Living Heritage” in 2007, alongside French luxury fashion houses as prestigious as Baccarat, Dior, Daum, Givenchy, Hermès, Kenzo, Lalique, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint-Laurent.

At the Noyon Group, quality is a permanent focus for attention, and our greatest pride. Quality control is conducted at each stage of the process, respecting the norms of textiles, the particular constraints of lace and the commitment defined with each client.

In order to achieve a quality, flawless product, the Noyon Group carries out permanent checks throughout the production process. A laboratory, equipped with the most sophisticated measurement apparatus, tests the entirety of the production every day.

The Noyon Group sends its lace all over the world. Before being packaged, each piece is examined in accordance with its usage and its final destination. The Noyon Group is Oeko-tex certified and Marks & Spencer, Victoria’s Secret and Chantelle accredited.