A new generation of looms appeared in 1955, the Rachel and then Textronic and Jacquardtronic looms have the speciality of using the technique of knitting. Less rich in bars than Leavers loom but far more automated, they have recently integrated piezo technologies which have enabled them to significantly increase their production speed.

We owe them widening of the lace market, thanks to their subtle chemistry between quality products, simple motifs and more affordable prices.


High Tech at the service of lace

A tool to help with decisions

Noyon Dentelle is constantly searching for processes that can save precious time in the choice of a sketch by offering the stylists the opportunity to view their creation in three dimensions (3D).

A decision-making tool for our clients, this authentic virtual sample enables the simulation of lace on computerised patterns.


Anticipating the needs of the market


Innovation and seduction

Glampanty combination of support and seduction

When innovation meets seduction, pleasure goes to find well-being.

High waist briefs which combine support and seduction.

  • A specially developed product with a specific 480 Dtex lycra, knitted all the way across the band to achieve light support and enabling a reduced stomach, a slimmer waist and good buttocks without any lines. One single seam at the back provides unique comfort and real invisibility under figure-hugging clothes.
  • An opaque section smooths out the stomach and softens the figure.
  • The back of these high-waist briefs is designed with a floral pattern reminiscent of “Chantilly” lace, for even more seduction, and contours the buttocks to perfection.
  • These high-waist briefs make a woman a leading figure in seduction and in the enhancement of her own body.

Organic coton concept : eco luxe

A real commitment and awareness, Noyon Dentelle is respectful of its environment. We are acting for tomorrow and for fair trade, by developing an eco-friendly organic lace.

From the thread to the dye, we guarantee procedures without products that are harmful to the skin.

Noyon Dentelle is committed to developing seductive fashion products, that are responsible and enjoyable to wear.

Digital Leavers

Pushing the limits of creation

Digital management

Replacing Jacquard cards with a digital disk seemed to be a logical evolution, but its completion after years of development represented an astounding technological advance and enormous progress for this industrial craft that is Leavers production.

It was the solution for changing from one design to another immediately, it was an opening to new creative possibilities while being free of the physical constraints of cards. It was also more rational management of the production with better traceability of the production stages and times.

Extraordinary creation

The creation is quite simply extraordinary, and has infinitely increased, with the number of virtual cards being limitless. This innovation in traditional will enable the appearance of lace with exceptional wealth, almost fantastical originality, and density like no other.  Giant, panoramic and complex designs will be commensurate with your creative ambitions.